Two injured and enormous property damage

On friday evening, a 68-year-old seat driver wanted to turn around on the state road between bamberg and geisfeld in a forest access road in order to return to bamberg. When rejoining the main road, he overlooked a 19-year-old skoda car coming from bamberg.

The two cars collided, and the right side of the skoda literally shaved off the front of the seat. The vehicle parts of both cars were transported on a long of approx. 70 meters scattered over the entire roadway. Spilled fuel was spread across the entire width of the carriageway.

The damage to the two totally damaged cars and the costs of cleaning the road were estimated at around. 25.000 euros estimated. The seat driver was not injured. The driver of the skoda and his 22-year-old female passenger were taken to hospital for outpatient treatment by the ambulance service due to their minor injuries. Both cars had to be towed away.

During the traffic accident investigation and for road cleaning, the state highway had to be completely closed at times. A specialist company had to be called in by the road maintenance department to clean the road. For the illumination, cordoning off and redirection of the accident site had been the volunteer fire department podeldorf on the spot. Pole

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