Thomas gottschalk: he goes on air on sunday

Thomas gottschalk: he goes on air on sunday

Thomas gottschalk has made a name for himself with 151 "bets that..?"-he has been the best entertainer in germany for a long time. Now the native of bamberg, who made a name for himself with the RTL game show "die 2 – gottschalk&", is returning jauch against all" together with his old buddy gunther jauch, still attracts an audience of millions today, is returning to his roots: to bavarian radio."Gottschalk – the bayern 1 radio show" heibt die sendung, die er ab sofort jeden ersten sonntag im monat ab 19.05 o’clock on bavaria 1.

"Emotional, funny"

Next sunday he will present for the first time live from the bayern 1-studio in the munich funkhaus the rough hits of the rock and pop history from the 70s and 80s until today "garnished with anecdotes and sayings, as the audience knows and loves them from him", as the radio station communicates. "He will present from the gut – entertaining, emotional and funny", promises program director maximilian berg. Walter schmich, head of programming, is also convinced that the show’s concept will work: "bayern 1’s current target audience has grown up with thomas gottschalk’s radio shows ‘pop nach acht’ and the ‘B3 radioshow. With his commitment, we can once again show the listeners of the so-called baby boomer generation that bayern 1 is their new radio home."

The first song is set

Gottschalk himself is looking forward to returning to his old workplace, having once started his career at bavarian radio "there was only one thing i ever thought about. If I do radio again, I’ll do it at BR", says the entertainer who always goes on the air for three hours. There have also been inquiries from other broadcasters. But he had no connection to them.

The 66-year-old female that he will again pass his old office, drive into the same underground garage as before. There was a bit of nostalgia involved. "I’m picking up where I left off 30 years ago. The music is the same, the guy is still the same, the voice is still the same and the hairstyle – in the beginning", says the entertainer, who is "really up for it" has. The first title he will play is already fixed. It will be golden earring with "back home" his.

It showcases young talent

Even though thomas gottschalk is now returning to the radio business – he will of course also remain loyal to the television audience. As early as spring, he will be the host of the new family show "little big shots on sat.1 take over. In the center there are young musicians, singers, dancers and other talented children, whom also gottschalk meets for the first time on the stage. Hn

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