The circus ring as a training ground for life

The circus ring as a training ground for life

The family circus lauenburger, which performed in ebern on the weekend, wants to make school. With projects for school classes, the artists pass on their passion for the circus to curious children and let them look behind the scenes.

The tent is up, the lights are shining, the animals are decorated, the clown is still missing make-up, the tightrope walker is missing her umbrella – nevertheless: "manege frei", the circus is here. Popcorn, colorfully painted scenery and the unique smell of the circus take even the adults back to their childhood days for a short time. The six-headed family lauenburger from young to old women to inspire their audience. Real artists!

The whole family joins in the circus lauenburger is a pure family business and with the youngest artists it is now already the eighth generation, which inspires the audience with plate spinning, juggling or acrobatics. Circus father andre lauenburger says: "the children can live their childhood dream here and often hardly get enough of it."But the circus isn't just about having fun, as the seven-year-old charlize already knew: "no, no, it's not as easy as you might think."

Shortly after moving into the new quarters in ebern, they had to fight against the water masses and bring the animals and scenery into dryness. It is not easy to get a place in the community nowadays. "There are colleagues who simply do not behave well. The communities then become skeptical when a circus inquires." But in ebern, thanks to the commitment of various burgers, it worked out after all.

In germany there is compulsory education, and this also applies to the circus children marius (16 years old), manoel (15 years old), chiara (eleven years old) and charlize (seven years old) from lauenburg. In summer the artists' family on tour through franken. This means a weekly change of school. The children have to keep a record of their attendance at school. The fact that one of the sons has already won a reading competition in lower franconia shows that compulsory schooling is taken seriously by the lauenburgers.

Living on a small flat logistic masterwork is always required to move to the next place. The family owns twelve wagons, in which belong and are well stowed away. Only andre lauenburger and his wife nadine, however, have the appropriate driving license. Commuting is the order of the day and a working day can easily last 15 hours.

Circus father andre lauenburger describes his job as follows: "i'm not only a truck driver, artist, tent builder, animal keeper, fire-eater, but also a husband and father." The children have to help out at an early age. Care for animals, teach art, show discipline. There is still time to do handicrafts, ride a bike or look for mushrooms.

In one of the wagons, on 37 square meters, lives the family. Everything well equipped. "We actually have everything – a bit more compact, but to go!", says lauenburger. The family lives the circus, you can feel it in every moment.

Schoolchildren become artists the family has been conveying this passion in their school projects for some time now. School classes will be able to look behind the scenes of the circus for a week and practice art with the professionals. "This boosts their self-confidence and the children come out of their shells", says lauenburger about his work with the schools. "Many children don't even know how to stand on one leg anymore. The circus air changes the children positively."

After the whitsun vacations the lauenburgers will work together with a school in untersiemau. During the summer vacations, they are part of the vacation program in habfurt and unterschleichach. If you want to try tightrope walking, acrobatics or juggling, this is the right place for you.

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