The christmas symbol

Wolfgang desombre the light is the christmas symbol par excellence. With the ignition and passing on of the peace light from bethlehem – for 25 years – the christmas message "peace on earth" is reminded and the mission to bring about peace remembered. And it is remembered that peace needs diversity, tolerance, openness and the willingness "to approach each other".

"No one knows what form peace will take", once said lord robert baden-powell, the founder of the world scout movement. In 1986, the austrian radio station came up with this idea, which has since left a trail of light throughout europe. A light from bethlehem is to travel through the countries as an ambassador of peace. The light is the christmas symbol par excellence. With the lighting and passing on of the light of peace, those who are present remember the christmas message and the mission to realize peace among people. The light is always lit on 1. December in the grotto of birth in bethlehem by a child wounded. This year it was an eleven year old scout from austria. From bethlehem the light travels by plane in an explosion-proof lamp to vienna. This year it traveled on to linz. From there, on saturday, it was sent to all places in austria and to most european countries. The light is transported to the whole continent.

Scouts have been distributing the light of peace in germany since 1993. The old scouts of the guild weibe eulen from coburg have for the 22nd time. The first time the light of peace was picked up in nurnberg. "It was given to us by friends of the old scouts on their way home to saarlouis on the highway. Always on the third sunday of advent, it is distributed in several places in the city of vesta to all people who are ‘of good will’.", heike muller said. She passed on the light with a saying from the teachings of buddha to oberburg mayor norbert tessmer and many visitors to the christmas market: "true happiness comes to those who live in peace with their fellow human beings. The goal of all should be to learn peace and live in peace with all people. For never in the course of the world does enmity ever hoard itself by enmity. Love is the only way to extinguish hate. An eternal law is the."

City chief norbert tessmer thanked the "young at heart old scouts for continuing this tradition of handing over the light of peace for many years.

From bethlehem goes the christmas message, but peace on earth is still in danger. Germany has lived without war for 70 years, but the spoken word is being used to great effect, tessmer warned. "We should give a clear rejection to this", said tessmer.

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