Program for girls

The equal opportunity office of the district of schweinfurt is again involved in the organization and financing of the "science and technology taster days for girls". On 30. And 31. October, the university of wurzburg-schweinfurt in cooperation with schaeffler technologies gmbh& co. KG for "trial days a. At girls of the 8. Until 12. The aim is to arouse curiosity in science and technology among students in the second and third grades.

During the autumn vacations in schweinfurt, schoolgirls can learn about their talents and immerse themselves in technical fields in workshops. The aim of this information offer is to broaden the possible range of career choices for girls in the direction of technology. Schoolgirls from secondary schools, intermediate schools, technical high schools and grammar schools can register now for the various workshops and will be able to attend from october 17. September then register.

On 30. In october, the university of wurzburg-schweinfurt offers 38 workshops. At 31. October, schoolgirls can try out their technical skills in 16 workshops at schaeffler technologies. The taster days will take place on the two days between 8.30 and 15.30 o’clock.

The registration period for the workshops starts on 17 may. September (until 15. October) on the internet at schnuppertage.Fhws.De. On the internet you can also find more details about the individual workshops, bus schedules and organizational details.

In order to be able to reach the event locations optimally, a free bus transfer is also offered from the district of habberge.

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