“Pfeffera” donated 3000 euro

The ancient use of "peppering" has given still exists in neufang. The peppering is taken over every year by the neufanger boys of the village youth. On 28. December, the day of remembrance of innocent children, the young men between 18 and 21 go from house to house in their hometowns. After the work is done, the chimney sweeper, the scissor grinder, the pianist, the sack and schnapps carrier, and the hunters and dancers ask nicely for their pepper wages, which are administered by the curator.
The proceeds are traditionally used to finance the pepper dance. The rest of the proceeds from the dance go to charity in neufang. At the official handing over of the donations "ober-pfeffera" announced lorenz kotschenreuther a top result of no less than 3000 euros, which they now want to pass on for charitable purposes within neufang. The largest donation with 2000 euro went to the church administration. The sports club and the voluntary fire department of neufang each received 400 euros, and the KLJB neufang another 200 euros. The donation recipients were full of praise for the young adults. Not only did they keep up the good work, they also showed great commitment to their hometown. The "financial injections came as called. The "peppera announced that they would continue the tradition of "peppering" in the future – a tradition that is unfortunately only maintained in very few villages to continue and nurture.

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