Open-air festival: seebuhne will be rocking again in 2020

open-air festival: seebuhne will be rocking again in 2020

After the lake stage in the spa park was used for the first time this year as a location for several new open-air events, the next round is planned for next year. "We have once again come up with a colorful program. It was important to us that there is something for every taste and every age", says wolfgang heyder of the event service bamberg.

When the organizers visited the lake stage in the spa park in bad staffelstein last august, they were immediately impressed by the special atmosphere. "It was great that the cooperation with the city, the obermaintherme and the tourism service came about very quickly", says gaby heider. After that, everything for the open-air concerts was organized within two to three weeks.

Spa park to be revitalized

The songs on banz, on the other hand, will take place in 2020 for the fourth time and will be held under the motto "an evening with friends". This year, an additional concert by the bamberger symphoniker was offered on sunday. "Although it was well received, it was unfortunately not economically worthwhile. In the next year, we’ll be sitting this one out for the time being", wolfgang heyder explains.

Mayor jurgen kohmann and anne maria schneider, head of the spa and tourism service, are pleased with the positive response to the festival series and that the spa park is becoming even better known.

Kohmann regretted, however, that the purchase of the awnings has still not progressed. "We are working on this, but it is very complicated and depends on many other factors." At the first attempt, the purchase failed because the costs of the tender were much higher than the already obtained price information, and the demand for it was not sufficient.

Over 4000 guests

But that hardly disturbed the visitors: this year, more than 4,000 people have already come to the six concerts. Wolfgang heyder says: "the guests came not only from bad staffelstein, but also from bamberg, kulmbach, coburg or kronach." In 2020, the number of visitors is to be topped with nine concerts and a comedy evening with olaf schubert.

It was also important that the stage fit the bands. One challenge was that there is only a small space for the musicians behind the stage. "Fortunately, this could be arranged well, because the obermaintherme provided us with three rooms or the bands could change briefly in their hotel rooms in the spa hotel and then walk the few meters to the stage" explains gaby heyder. Another positive surprise was that the technology worked reliably after installation. "We have hired a company that every day sets up the technology for the light and sound." Admission is at 7 p.M. "That has been preserved because around 22 o’clock the train connections are still good", says gaby heyder.

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